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Thomas Edison – Scavenger Hunt Winners

Thomas Edison - Scavenger Hunt Winners


After reviewing more than 200 entries, the results are in:

1st Place Winner: Kellie Moran – $1,000*

2nd Place Winner: Tiffany Liang – $500*

3rd Place Winner: Jayla Nartatez – $250*

*In categories in which multiple correct answers were submitted, winners were chosen from a pool by random selection by Chairman of Charles Edison Fund, sponsor of Scavenger Hunt.

Winners will receive an email for confirmation. Once confirmed, the apple gift card will be mailed directly to the winners.

The complete answers to all questions can be see on the following social media sites:

Thank you to all participants!

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Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt

Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt

$1,000 Prize

Edison Innovation Foundation invites you to participate in the Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt to win a grand prize! The questions will be broken up into three categories. Only one winner for each!

Ages: Up to 14 – questions 1-20
Prize $250 Apple Gift Card

Ages: 15-18 – questions 1-30
Prize $500 Apple Gift Card

Ages: 18+ questions 1-40
Prize $1,000 Apple GiftCard

Questions will be released on September 26th on our social media platforms including: and

You will have two weeks to complete and the answers must be submitted to by October 10th.

Contestants may use only Edison Innovation Foundation Social Media Platforms to find answers, i.e.:

A more detailed description of the Rules will be released with the questions on September 26th.

Stay Tuned and Good Luck!


Join Our 3D Printing Contest [Oct. 1 thru Nov. 15]

3D printers seem to be popping up in schools everywhere. These devices create physical objects directly from digital plans, allowing rapid prototyping of new designs; and tend to be most often associated with STEM/STEAM, college and career readiness classes.


By the end of this year, market analysts believe the worldwide shipment of printers to be approximately 497,000 units- due mostly to demand from K-12 and universities. By 2019, worldwide printer shipments could reach 5.6 million. China is going all in on this educational application too.

We recently installed a 3D printer in our offices and would love to try it out. We are soliciting designs from our reading audience. There is no topic or theme. You can design anything from a toy, to a household device, to a medical device. Amazon gift card prizes will be awarded-ranging from $50 to $250. A $100 gift card goes to the teacher of a winning student.


The contest starts on 10/1/16. All designs must be in our office by November 15, 2016. Send us your email address at and we will send you details about the contest.

Remember: 3D printers are the digital version of what Thomas Edison and his staff were doing with hand tools in their invention factory way back in the 1880s when making quick prototypes of Edison’s newest inventions. So be like Edison. Show us your creativity!

Thomas Edison on Time MagazineThomas Edison said … “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Time® is a registered trademark of Time Inc.


Results of the Big Contest for the Best Invention: The Light Bulb, the Airplane or the Theory of Relativity?

We were pleased with the over 150 national entries we received; and the variety of thoughts on the question. The great bulk of the submissions favored the light bulb; with about 5-10% for the airplane and but a few for the theory of relativity. It is after all what our readers thought.

The winners and prizes awarded are:

  • First Place $100 Noah Kurzenhauser

  • Second Place $50 Jonathan Leach

  • Third Place $25 Randy Ohman

In addition, we decided to award two honorable mention prizes as well:

  • Honorable Mention $15 Valeria Pasuizacca

  • Honorable Mention $15 Brandon Nguyen

One particular entry prompted our judges to issue a special award for creativity:

  • Special Award $75 David Nassar

David’s entry was an ingenious poem which we have reproduced below-

The airplane, the light bulb or relativity
Which is the greatest mark of ingenuity?
First consider the airplane- two brothers so Wright
They invented a vehicle capable of flight
People called them dreamers, and dreamers they were
In Kitty Hawk, they flew in the air like the birds
Next consider relativity- an Einstein to find
That distance and space is related to time
Twin paradoxes, bending space, and even GPS
Relativity explained; mysteries put to rest
Finally, the lightbulb, a bright idea clearly!
I contest it is greater than planes or relativity theory
Relativity claims nothing is faster than light
And without the lightbulb, there’d be no such insight
Einstein’s theory relied on an experiment of his mind
“What if two lights were turned on, what’s the answer he’d find?”
Now when considering the classic question, ” ‘light’ or flight?”
Consider where the airplane would be in the night
Airport runways and red-eyes could never be handled
By rows upon rows of wax-based candles
So of the three inventions one is greater than two
And for this Thomas Edison, we are grateful to you.

Thanks to all who participated! Be on the look-out for upcoming contests.

Thomas Edison on Time MagazineThomas Edison said, “I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.”

Time® is a registered trademark of Time Inc.