10 Thomas Edison Quotes on Education to Start Your School Year

A new school year is an exciting time for students and teachers alike. What new things will I learn this year? What new challenges will I face? How can this year be better than the ones before? The possibilities are endless!

Thomas Edison and Education

Thomas Edison’s own experience with education affected many of his opinions on it. Although Edison received some honorary college degrees later in his life, he never really had a formal education but believed that you should start early and never stop learning throughout your life.

When it came to education, his home school experience taught him the value of learning by doing and reading a large variety of books, not just the things that you are interested in. He also was a big proponent of using the motion picture in the classroom (think documentaries and Youtube lessons!). The quotes from Thomas Edison below will remind you of that inherent love for discovery that really drives success, in school and beyond.

Quotes about Education and the Power of Learning

1. “There are two things a man should do: Obtain an education…and never mind the clock. He may miss many social engagements, but it is a sure road to success.”

2. “[Education should begin] the younger the better, in fact he cannot begin too young. The earlier the sense or instinct of scientific investigation is made part of his education the better for his after success. Our early habits duly crop out in our after life.”

3. “Books are good to show the theory of things, but doing the thing itself is what counts.”

Thomas Edison on books and learning by doing

4. “Give [students] problems to work out that will make them think for themselves.”

5. “What we should have is education by demonstration.”

6. “The educational value of the moving picture is, and will be, enormous…Through these mediums the great masses of the people can have the advantages of the rich man.”

7. “[One day] they’ll do all the teaching by moving pictures. Every bit of it.”

Thomas Edison on using videos in the classroom

8. “Interest and simplicity should be the keynotes of all education, I believe. It is impossible to fascinate young minds with dull complexities.”

9. “What is college? An institute of learning. What is business? An institute of learning. Life, itself, is an institute of learning.”

10. “Education isn’t play…and it can’t be made to look like play. It is hard, hard work. But it can be made interesting work.”

Thomas Edison on hard work and education

What’s your favorite education quote?

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