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The Collectable Retro Plastic that Thomas Edison Loved

Let’s play a game! Name this famous material:

  • Thomas Edison used this material in his early disc records
  • Early telephones were made of this durable material
  • Some of the first printed circuit boards used this fascinating material as a base
  • Even dice, billiard balls and dominoes were once made from this materila
  • Many homes had colorful table radios made of this dating back to the 1940s
  • In the 1950s & 60s, teenagers sported small transistorized pocket radios made of this material
  • Women’s jewelry was another popular application for this widely used material
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How Edison inspired the top Innovation Labs of Today

Edison’s greatest gift to mankind was his creation of commercial Research & Design labs. In his invention factory at West Orange, Edison taught us that R&D is a risk reduction process, reducing the risk of launching new products! It eventually fostered the realization that the United States economy and progress is technology driven.

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