Harry Roman Receives 2020 Tommy Award for his local Humanitarian Service

Earlier this year, when we published Harry Roman’s 200th Blog, the Edison Innovation Foundation realized it was time to give him some outstanding recognition. 

Roman has been a fan of Thomas Edison since childhood when his 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, suggested he contact the Thomas Edison Company for a science project. The Edison Company’s return letter to Harry included a book entitled “Edison-Inspiration to Youth.”  Fifty years later, an original of that book sells online at a book collector’s price of $180.

After reading the book, Roman was “hooked” on Edison and his work in innovation, invention and research & development. He studied engineering in college and soon started working at PSE&G, our local New Jersey power company.

After a 36-year career at PSE&G and as an inventor of twelve United States patents, Roman started to consult at the Edison Foundations. To be absolutely clear, he is way more than our blog writer. He is a true disciple of Edison.

Along with the 200+ articles on our blog, Roman has also authored voluminous material on current developments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). He also helped give birth to one of our biggest programs, the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest, which has grown to a national level 11 years later.

There is a humanitarian side of Roman as well that many of you don’t know. He serves as a volunteer at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, where he gives fascinating tours of the facilities. When he isn’t at the park or consulting for our foundation, Roman travels the New Jersey elementary and middle school education circuit, where he is invited by the teachers to tell Thomas Edison’s inspiring story. For many years, he was also volunteer Board member of the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame.

It is Roman’s dedication to contributing back to the New Jersey community which highlights his humanitarian side.

For that reason, please join our foundation in honoring Harry Roman with the Edison Innovation Foundation 2020 Tommy Award for Humanitarian Service.

One of Thomas Edison’s most famous quotes says, “There’s a better way to do. Find it.” Harry has done just that!


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  1. Mark K Wallace DTE, Past Executive Director of NJTEEA

    Well deserved! Harry has played a huge part with Technology Education initiatives during his career. His love if Edison has helped teachers and student throughout the Nation. His wealth of knowledge is amazing. He is a kind and caring person, a true gift to education in NJ.

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