Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

Coming to Comcast and select PBS stations in September 2015

Picture an unusual group of techno-savvy tweens who discover a hidden secret lab, built and stocked by none other than Thomas Edison at his former lab site in West Orange, NJ. Imagine what these young talented minds could do with the resources of such a lab, and with help from their mentor, Thomas Edison.

Genius Brands International, a children’s entertainment company dedicated to creating “content with a purpose” for kids, created this new Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab adventure comedy series in association with The Edison Innovation Foundation.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

It’s all about showing kids how fun science can be as Edison’s hologram encourages them to push the boundaries of conventional science and technology, and to solve real problems. [Sounds like today’s new school educational paradigm called STEM!] The series has been reviewed by a nationally recognized academic team to ensure episode content meets educational and information standards.

Get ready to enjoy colorful animated characters, gizmos, gadgets, and hijinks. The series begins airing in September on Comcast, and select PBS stations – check local listings.

Somebody mention Von Bolt? He’s the wacky, anthropomorphic robot-a somewhat nervous fellow who is an essential part of each episode. Von Bolt “watches the back” of Angie, 12-year old scientific prodigy, modern-day Edison, and team leader. She is accompanied by JD-resourceful geek; Nicky-scientific genius; Kent-marketing maven; Chang-computer wizard; and of course, the holographic image of Edison for the kids to interact with. Speaking of the cast, feast your eyes below and see them all set to “edu-tain” you.

Follow the series, and get the pre-tweens engaged. It’s never too early to start learning about Thomas Edison and his amazing ability to innovate! Keep up with Thomas Edison information at:

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab


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