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Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin Changed the World

They were cut from similar cloth, inventive minds, open to new ideas. Edison’s big four inventions were recorded sound, the light bulb/electric utilities, motion pictures and R&D labs. Franklin’s work included bi-focals, the Franklin stove, lightning rod, and being major supporter of lending libraries, community hospitals, and volunteer fire departments. Edison and Franklin are indelible memories on the American landscape, common men with enormous capacity for self-discipline, planning and organization.

 Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin Changed the World    Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin Changed the World

 Here are some very fascinating similarities between Thomas and Ben:

  • Had little formal education and were self-made
  • Were engaged at an early age in publishing and printing newspapers
  • Cultivated a fascination with electricity
  • Invented and made scientific discoveries
  • Knew the value of human communications and leadership
  • Loved humor and realized its creative value
  • Enjoyed solving problems
  • Were inveterate journal and notebook keepers
  • Researched new areas and were constantly learning
  • Fundamentally changed the world and improved our standard of living.

Here is the one that is most interesting. Both great men had sons who were governors of New Jersey.

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

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