Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt

Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt

$1,000 Prize

Edison Innovation Foundation invites you to participate in the Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt to win a grand prize! The questions will be broken up into three categories. Only one winner for each!

Ages: Up to 14 – questions 1-20
Prize $250 Apple Gift Card

Ages: 15-18 – questions 1-30
Prize $500 Apple Gift Card

Ages: 18+ questions 1-40
Prize $1,000 Apple GiftCard

Questions will be released on September 26th on our social media platforms including: and

You will have two weeks to complete and the answers must be submitted to by October 10th.

Contestants may use only Edison Innovation Foundation Social Media Platforms to find answers, i.e.:

A more detailed description of the Rules will be released with the questions on September 26th.

Stay Tuned and Good Luck!


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