Team Edison Shows Problem Solving in Action!

Thomas Edison had a lab team (i.e. “R+D”), people who could latch onto a problem, no matter how complex or difficult, and solve it. This behavior gave birth to Edison’s highly prized descriptor, “stick-to-it-ness”.



Kids, students, and budding young inventors can get a taste of what it is like to be Team Edison. Tune on to the new action comedy series–Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab–created by Genius Brands International.

Techno-savvy Team Edison discovers a hidden secret lab, built and stocked by none other than Thomas Edison at his former lab site in West Orange, NJ. See what these young talented minds [and a likable robot, Von Bolt] do with the resources of this lab. Old Tom Edison is there too, in holographic form, to help out and give advice.

There’s Angie, Nicky, Kent, Chang and Von Bolt the robot, to teach STEM principles to young viewers. Entertainment and education in every video … be there with the young ones! See the kids in action–now playing on NETFLIX, THE KID GENIUS channel on XFINITY, and on select PUBLIC TELEVISION stations [check their website for details]. Enjoy!


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