Why is Thomas Edison relevant to your classroom today?

Thomas Alva Edison


“Thomas Edison is a major component of our unit of study on Invention and Innovation. Not specifically WHAT he has created, but HOW he created it. We study the process of how ideas are fostered from the beginning stages to the time of prototyping and evaluation. Edison lead the way designing a fertile ground for design and creativity.”

Kenny Zushma-Heritage Middle School [Livingston, NJ]


“Thomas Edison is relevant to my classroom today in the following way: Teaching is a humbling practice. We strive to do our best at helping children to learn. One of the ways we can do that is by showing them that we, as adults, continue to learn. We take risks, try new lesson ideas, learn more about a topic, practice, revise, reflect… The invention process parallels the teaching and learning process.”

Susan Bermeo-Hillside Elementary School [Montclair, NJ]


“I believe that Thomas Edison knew that every one person is creative. Once you know that, you solve any problem.”

Ron Grosinger-Memorial High School [West New York, NJ]


“I have always felt it is important to study Thomas Edison beyond the actual inventions that young children may associate with him. The “how” of his work is far more important than the ‘what’ he produced. He was at the forefront of putting together a team to pull off every job, including scientists, engineers, and machinists with a high degree of know-how. These are the things that made him most unique and these are still the very things that the workforce requires of our students today.”

Dave Janosz-Northern Valley Regional High School [Fair Lawn, NJ]