Winners in the Predict the Future Contest

Last month we launched an open contest for folks to give us their ideas for what they saw coming in the next 50 years. We received some very interesting thoughts from a wide variety of participants, members of the public, students, teachers … etc. Here now are the winners:

1st Prize – $50
Cassidy Stoneback, Lawrence Middle School
Cassidy envisions a post antibiotic world where bacteria are stopped by manipulating their DNA-basically shutting them on and off.

2nd Prize – $25
Moises Jimenez, Fred Rodgers Magnet Academy
Moises sees computer chips implanted in our heads that allow us to directly watch videos, listen to music, and learn new things.

3rd Prize – $10
Monica Mobley, L&N STEM Academy
Like Moises Jimenez, Monica envisions computer chips in our heads, but she sees us downloading our images to 3-D programming from which we can make models.

Smiling EdisonEdison would smile over such futuristic thoughts. He was always “pushing the envelope” in all his work. Nice job to everyone who sent us an entry! Stay tuned to our website as more interesting things for you to participate in will be coming. Pass our websites address and along to others so they can participate in future activities-and feel free to send us questions and recommend things you would like to see us address.

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Thomas Edison on Time MagazineThomas Edison said … “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.”

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