A First Look at the Exciting Fly Me To The Moon Exhibit Featuring Thomas Edison

Picture a museum visit that transcends the ordinary—a journey where history and future dreams converge in a thrilling ride. As representatives of the Thomas Edison Foundation, we were thrilled to experience the “Fly Me to the Moon” exhibit at the New Jersey Hall of Fame Education and Learning Center within the American Dream complex. At the exhibit’s entrance stands a remarkable sight: Edison’s original Model T Ford that was given to him by Ford himself. This iconic car, more than a century old, gleams as if ready for yet another groundbreaking adventure.

Our journey begins with a visit to a corner of Edison’s West Orange laboratory, a recreation complete with an up-close look at an original phonograph and full size Edison cut out.

Next, we step into a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience – The “Fly Me To The Moon” ride featuring New Jersey icons like Edison, Einstein, Buzz Aldrin and the Kelly Twins. While the ride starts in a familiar West Orange driveway, we soon find ourselves transported into a virtual reality experience where Edison’s vintage car transforms into a futuristic spacecraft. This vehicle, symbolic of Edison’s spirit of innovation, propels us on an exhilarating voyage through space, highlighting the Hall of Fame Inductees’ pivotal contributions to space exploration.

As the Model T lifts off, it whisks us through a series of stunning space travel scenes, getting the ride of a lifetime on the simulator chairs and a captivating show on the big screen illuminating the legacy of New Jersey. The ride seamlessly blends historical ingenuity with cutting-edge technology, echoing Edison’s own ethos of perpetual advancement. The “Fly Me to the Moon” exhibit vividly captures how Edison’s pioneering vision continues to inspire new generations to reach for the stars.

Stepping out of the transformed Model T, our senses buzzing from the cosmic ride, we dive into the vibrant expanse of the New Jersey Hall of Fame. This isn’t just a museum—it’s a celebration of the Garden State’s coolest achievements, living up to its motto, “Everybody Needs a Hero.” From singing karaoke with Frankie Valli to interviewing Danny DeVito on his most iconic roles, the museum blends science, music, and cinema into a fun, interactive journey. Here, Edison’s ingenuity meets Aldrin’s space dreams, all under one roof, inspiring everyone to find their inner hero.

Ready to experience the “Fly Me to the Moon” exhibit for yourself? The New Jersey Hall of Fame Education and Learning Center is NOW OPEN at the American Dream complex in East Rutherford, NJ. Situated in a premier entertainment and retail destination, it offers an engaging journey through New Jersey’s rich legacy in science, music, and cinema. For more details and opening dates, visit the Education and Learning Center’s website and plan your visit to this inspiring museum.


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