Thomas Edison Loves Young Inventors

Nothing would please Edison more than to see students interested in serious invention activities; and so with the completion of the Edison Innovation Foundation’s 5th annual alternate technology competition, the great inventor would be most happy.

Traditionally a NJ event, this year the Foundation expanded the competition to the national level. Nine (9) states were represented by sixty-four (64) teams vying for top honors. A key aspect of the competition-it was done totally virtually. The teams fulfilled all requirements of the competition via computer-even submitting their presentation videos via email to be judged by twelve members of the engineering, academic, business, and consulting community. Here are the winners, by division, state, and team name!

High School Division

  • 1st Place: High Point Regional HS, New Jersey, (Purple Dragons-for a ski lift energy solution)
  • 2nd Place: New Providence HS, New Jersey, (Zhang Plus One-for a parabolic boiler)
  • 3rd Place: Morris Knolls HS, New Jersey, (ZFN2 Team 1-for an electric car charged through a photovoltaic array)

Middle School Division

  • 1st Place: Banks Trail MS, South Carolina, (The Chargerz-for a wireless cell phone solar charger that could be used during catastrophic events, or in locations without electricity)
  • 2nd Place: Howell MS North, New Jersey, (Artificial Intelligence-for a sun grill)
  • 3rd Place: Linwood MS, New Jersey, (Team 4-for an improved flight data recorder)

Honorable Mentions

  • Albert Bridge Elementary School, Vermont, (The Edisons-for a wind powered phone charger)
  • Chaney STEM Campus, Ohio, (Thomas Friends-for a sustainable swimming pool)

Great effort everyone! Shown below are several selected photos of the winners.

High School Third Place Winners

High School Third Place Winners

Middle School First Place Winners

Middle School First Place Winners

Teachers, school principals, students out there … participate in next year’s national competition. Join in the fun and competitive spirit.

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